Diddy and Meek Mill Leaked

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Has Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs’ former bodyguard leaked an explicit audio involving rapper Meek Mill? Here’s the reality.

A viral explicit audio has emerged on social media, purportedly featuring the voices of Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs and Meek Mill engaged in sexual activity. A video circulating on social platforms plays the audio, with a man claiming to have recorded it on his phone. Speculation suggests this man is Diddy’s ex-bodyguard.

Is the audio authentic?

Contrary to initial claims, reports indicate that the audio is not genuine. According to sources like Medium, it was allegedly concocted as a jest amid recent allegations against Diddy. Following accusations of sexual misconduct against Diddy, discussions involving Meek Mill also surfaced. Supposedly, this audio clip was created as a jest during that period.

Alleged legal documents purportedly suggest Diddy engaged in sexual relations with Mill. However, Mill refuted such claims in a post on X, asserting his heterosexuality.

Social media users have also highlighted the audio’s falsity. Comments on a video shared by user Isaac’s Army refute its authenticity, with one user stating, “This has been fact-checked… It’s from a porn. NOT MEEK MILL!” Others questioned the legitimacy of the recording, pointing out inconsistencies such as the absence of ambient noise and questioning the logic of recording audio rather than video for potential blackmail purposes.

Despite recent raids on Diddy’s Miami and Los Angeles residences over sex trafficking allegations, the rapper appears unaffected. Photographs show him with his children post-raid, seemingly unperturbed. Additionally, recent sightings depict him shirtless, seemingly unbothered, and stepping out for a smoke.


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