Diddy Seeks to Have One of the Sexual Assault Lawsuits Dismissed

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Diddy is moving to dismiss a sexual assault lawsuit filed anonymously against him.

In court documents filed on Friday (May 10) and obtained by XXL, Diddy, whose real name is Sean Combs, is seeking to have the lawsuit dismissed based on the expiration of the statute of limitations relevant to the claims made by “Jane Doe.”

The filing argues that the claims fall under The Victims of Gender Motivated Violence Protection Law (VGM) and are time-barred due to the alleged incident occurring in 2003, with the seven-year statute of limitations expiring in 2010.

Furthermore, Diddy denies the allegations made against him in the lawsuit, stating that the accusations have caused significant harm to his reputation and business standing without any evidence being presented.

The lawsuit also mentions Diddy’s denial of similar sexual abuse claims made by three other women and Rodney Jones (aka Lil Rod), all of which he categorically denies.

In the lawsuit filed in December 2023, “Jane Doe” accuses Diddy and former Bad Boy Entertainment President Harve Pierre, along with a third unidentified man, of raping her in 2003 at Daddy’s House, Diddy’s recording studio in Manhattan, when she was 17 years old. The lawsuit alleges that Doe was supplied with drugs and alcohol, becoming intoxicated and unable to fully comprehend or consent to the actions that followed.

Doe claims that while in a compromised state, Diddy and another man sexually assaulted her in the studio’s bathroom, with Diddy allegedly observing another man also assaulting her. Doe states that she begged them to stop, but her pleas were ignored.

Diddy has refuted these claims and is actively seeking to have the lawsuit dismissed based on legal grounds and the denial of the allegations made against him.

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