Every Time Taylor Swift Shook Off Eras Tour Malfunctions and Recovered Like a Pro

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There’s somethin’ bout the way Taylor Swift just knows how to handle any issue that could happen on stage. See how the “Fearless” singer has addressed malfunctions on her Eras Tour

Taylor Swift‘s Eras Tour has built a reputation of being one of the most successful concert series in history.

But like with any live show, things don’t always go according to plan. Whether it’s wardrobe malfunctions, technical difficulties or issues with the stage, Taylor knows all too well that problems can pop up.

Still, she’s not going to stay down bad when mishaps occur. While some would just let the tears ricochet, you best believe the “Bejeweled” singer is still going to make the whole place shimmer no matter what is going on.

Need proof? Take the time Taylor’s floor door on stage didn’t open and she had to swiftly run off with her dancers to prepare for the next number.

Or, remember when the Grammy winner’s boot broke in the middle of her performance, and she kept things safe and sound by ripping off the bottom of her shoe, throwing it aside and continuing on with the show?

To see more times Taylor has made it out of the woods when errors occur, keep reading.

A Tech Issue? She’s Ready For It

It’s cool—that’s what Taylor Swift basically tells ‘em after experiencing a technical difficulty during her show in Stockholm, Sweden.

As seen in a video shared on TikTok, the “Cruel Summer” singer told concertgoers to “talk amongst yourselves” as she dealt with an issue with her mic pack. And when she noticed things still weren’t perfectly fine with the device, she unfastened her blue dress—unveiling underneath the gold bra and black shorts she wears elsewhere in her performance—to figure out what was wrong.

After a crew member helped her out, Taylor swiftly tied up her dress and resumed the concert like a pro.

Bad Blood With a Boot

Call it what you want, but it looks like Taylor experienced a bit of a shoe debacle when the heel of one of her bejeweled boots broke during a concert in Rio de Janeiro.

But instead of leaving a blank space as to what she’d do next, Taylor simply tore off the bottom of her footwear and tossed it into a crowd—leaving one lucky fan enchanted by the souvenir.

Knowing All Too Well How to Solve the Problem

And that’s how it works, that’s how you get back on track after an audio issue.

As seen in a video shared on social media, Taylor was singing “Love Story” in Mexico when she had a problem with her earpiece that affected her ability to hear where her band was in the song. Instead of jumping into a getaway car, she headed to her guitarist and was soon able to follow along by apparently watching the chords being played.

Never Going Out of Style

This night was sparkling, and Taylor wasn’t going to let it go because of a broken garter.

Fans captured the moment The Tortured Poets Department artist noticed the accessory mishap during her concert in Tampa (sing it all together now) Florida!!! So as she was performing “Anti-Hero,” she walked over to her backup singers—who were the heroes of the day and helped her get it back on correctly.

The Great War With the Bug

To the insect that interrupted her Chicago show: Taylor knew you were trouble when you walked, or rather flew, in her mouth.

Still, she played it off and didn’t let it bring down the buzz of the evening.

“I swallowed a bug. I’m so sorry,” Taylor told the crowd after she began coughing on stage, per a clip shared on social media. “It’s totally fine. It’s just stupid. Oh, delicious. Oh god, is there any chance that none of you saw that?”

Long Live That Piano Predicament

When Taylor’s piano started mysteriously acting up during her concert in Foxborough, Mass., she probably thought, I can fix it (no really I can).

But after it kept making noises without her even striking a key, she figured the torrential downpour from her earlier show had caused a problem and she knew she wasn’t out of the woods.

“This has clearly broken my keyboard,” Taylor said, as seen in a video shared on X. “‘Cause it was like literally underwater. I didn’t know how any of the instruments were working last night. So this is broken. I’m just going to get the guitar.”

Long Story Short, Her Mic Cut Out

You could hear it in the silence—Taylor trying to get her microphone to work.

After it cut out during her Chicago show, the music mogul playfully screamed into the microphone to see if anyone could hear her. And while she could’ve stayed, stayed, stayed upset over the malfunction, a video showed her laughing along and poking fun at the incident as the crowd cheered her on.

Stage Problems Not Champagne Problems

Betty, I won’t make assumptions about why there was a delay in Taylor’s stage dive during her Tampa show. But we think it’s because the floor opening didn’t appear right away—at least according to this video. Still, the stage eventually parted so Taylor could perform her epic stunt.

Fearless Moves

After Taylor finished performing “Look What You Made Me Do” at her Cincinnati show, she expected a floor door to open and for a platform to lower her beneath the stage.

But after the “Love Story” artist hit her mark and nothing happened, she got tired of waiting, wonderin’ if it was ever comin’ around. And because her faith in it was fading, she ran off with her dancers to prepare for the next song.

Taylor even joked about it on TikTok after footage of the moment spread on social media—writing alongside a video of the moment, “Still swift af boi.”

Enchanting Jokes

Taylor once sang she was never good at telling jokes, but the punchline for this one was certainly funny.

While experiencing a technical difficulty with her earpiece at an Atlanta show, she filled the time gap with a little cat humor.

“A cat walks into a library, and the cat says, ‘Um, yes I’ll have some tuna fish please,’” Taylor told the audience as seen in a video shared by People. “And the lady at the counter says, ‘Sir this is a library.’ And the cat says, ‘Oh, I’m sorry. [And whispers,] I’ll have some tuna fish please.'”

Not long after, the earpiece issue was fixed. “I’m so sorry,” she continued. “My ears are back. Just at the perfect time because that was like a dad joke from hell.”

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