Indonesia Celeb Scandal Ariel Cut Tari Leaked Tape

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Cut Tari and Ariel NOAH have a long story that the Indonesian public still remembers

The band vocalist and soap opera artist was once involved in an immoral video which caused an uproar not only in Indonesia but abroad.

Now more than 10 years have passed, Cut Tari reveals the nature of Ariel NOAH

He said that Ariel NOAH was an arrogant figure

It is known that, nicknamed the conqueror of women, the figure of Ariel NOAH is quite phenomenal in the Indonesian entertainment world.

Apart from his career and works in the field of music, Ariel NOAH is known as an artist who often changes partners.

Just mention the names of artists such as Luna Maya, Cut Tari, and Sophia Latjuba who was reportedly close to Ariel NOAH.

Ariel NOAH’s name is becoming increasingly phenomenal because several years ago it caused a sensation because her hot video with two beautiful artists, Luna Maya and Cut Tari, was spread.

In fact, because of this hot video case, Ariel NOAH had to deal with the law and accepted the fate of languishing in prison.

But who would have thought, behind the calm face that often makes many women cry, Ariel NOAH was accused of having an arrogant attitude.

This was revealed by Johannes Yusuf Subrata’s ex-wife when the actress was caught up in an exciting video scandal with Ariel NOAH.

Reporting from Suar.ID, in his confession, Cut Tari said that he and Ariel NOAH had played in bed 3 times.

But who would have thought, Ariel NOAH actually admitted that he never knew or even loved Cut Tari.

Suddenly, Ariel NOAH’s confession made the beautiful presenter Cut Tari very disappointed with Luna Maya’s ex-lover.

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