Lil Pump Lets Jake Paul Punch Him in the Stomach and Regrets It

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Lil Pump gets punched in the stomach by boxer Jake Paul and instantly regrets the decision.

Lil Pump Goes Down Hard After Punch From Jake Paul

On Thursday (April 4), Lil Pump joined a sparring session with YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul, who is preparing for an upcoming bout with Mike Tyson. In a video Lil Pump shared on Instagram, which can be seen below, he challenges Paul to freely punch the rapper in the stomach. Lil Pump has his arms raised over his head as Jake readies the punch, before delivering a solid gut shot to the South Florida rapper.

Pump buckles and moans loudly in pain.

“I told you not to do it,” Jake says.

Pump captioned the video, “Jake Paul is officially 10-1. Not gonna lie, that liver shot made me feel like I was dying.”

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Lil Pump Reveals Donald Trump Tattoo

Lil Pump recently made headlines after he debuted a new Donald Trump tattoo. The “Gucci Gang” rapper got the former POTUS’ infamous mugshot tattooed on his leg. Pump has been a big Trump supporter over the years, despite not voting for the mogul-turned-politician in the 2020 election.

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See the video of Lil Pump getting punched in the stomach by Jake Paul below.

Watch Lil Pump Take a Gut Shot From Jake Paul


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