Markiplier TikTok Leak

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What’s the Markiplier TikTok Filter Leak? Explaining the Viral TikTok Sraka Filter Allegedly Showing Streamer Markiplier Naked

Recently, an explicit image purportedly showing streamer and YouTuber Markiplier naked circulated on TikTok due to a filter known as the “777 Filter.” This filter, also dubbed the “Sraka Filter,” emerged alongside a seemingly innocuous video featuring Discord’s mascot “Wumpus” dancing, only to reveal the NSFW image shortly after.

The filter, created by TikToker @pilsudskidog, quickly gained traction on TikTok, allowing users a brief window to test it out. During this time, several individuals were reportedly surprised by the alleged revealing image of Markiplier. For those unable to access the filter, engagement bait content proliferated, with users sharing their reactions to the purported content.

However, questions remain about the authenticity of the leak and how the “Sraka Filter” became a viral sensation on TikTok. The filter’s rapid spread occurred after @pilsudskidog initially introduced it on Sunday night, May 5th, before its swift removal from the platform. Notably, user @Tonedpickle contributed to the dissemination of the alleged leaked image with a censored version that garnered significant attention.

Despite the viral nature of the 777 Markiplier filter, Markiplier himself has not addressed the purported leak as of May 6th, 2024.

Additionally, memes and reactions flooded TikTok from the limited number of users who experienced the filter firsthand. These videos typically featured users reacting to the filter’s supposed content without showing the actual image, often designed to attract likes and views. Notable contributors to this trend included TikTok users @poppypokemon151 and @badgyalken, who shared their reactions in POV-style videos referencing the “777 Markiplier” filter.

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