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A Gold Coast woman with 3 million followers rarely leaves her home because something “awful” happens when she steps outside her front door.
An Australian influencer with millions of followers has claimed she rarely goes outside since gaining internet fame because she’s regularly “sexually assaulted” by fans.

Mikaela Testa has over 3 million followers across TikTok and Instagram – and once revealed she earns $162,000 a month through social media.

However, the 23-year-old has paid a hefty price as a result of having a large following, explaining that fans cross a line every time she leaves her home.

In a disturbing new video, Mikaela – who secretly had a Brazilian butt lift (BBL) in 2022 – explained she’s become a recluse in recent months because “almost every time I go outside I get sexually assaulted”.

The young vlogger said it’s become so bad that she has developed severe anxiety about going outside, detailing a “traumatising” incident involving three followers while at Listen Out festival in Brisbane on Saturday.

“One of them was filming and one of them run up behind of me with all of her force and hits me on the ass,” she told her 2.4 million TikTok followers.

“It left a welt handprint mark and now a bruise.

“There were hundreds of people around, I’m in shock, I’m in pain. I turned around, worried somebody had done something to me that is going to greatly impact my health. It only takes a split second.”

Mikaela said it took her a few moments to process what had happened, and after “checking for blood”, she turns to the young woman who slapped her.

“I say in the nicest, sweetest voice I could possibly find: ‘Please can you never ever scare me like that again. Please don’t ever touch me again.’

“She looks at me with the angriest face ever and goes, ‘It was a compliment’.

“However she then starts spouting the most vile, rancid, horrible stuff about me.”

Eventually Mikaela’s friend tells the followers “to stop”, but notes they are still filming “my sexual assault”.

Eventually, the group of friends start to dissipate when Mikaela gets out her phone and starts recording, but not before one of them states: “At least it wasn’t a guy.”

“I’m making this video because this has happened to me in a club, in the street, in different countries, it needs to stop today.

“I’m going to start fighting back guys. It’s just not okay.

“A BBL is not an invite to a free slap of some cheek.”
Fans of the social media star were quick to share their support, flooding the comments section in shock and admiration for Mikaela.

“People don’t understand boundaries these days, it’s so scary,” one wrote.

“Mikaela, you’re entirely too nice,” another commented.

As one wrote: “Please try to press charges. That’s not okay and they’ll never learn without consequences.”

“People are so scary and mean, I’m so sorry that you had to experience that,” another added.

“I’m so sorry Mik that’s AWFUL,” one mused.

In response to one commenter, Mikaela said: “My niceness always is inviting to people that take advantage and almost always leads to ppl (especially men) SA’ing me. It stops today and I’ve now learned.”

Others praised Mikaela for remaining “calm” as well as sending their well wishes and support.

Earlier this year while living in Perth, Mikaela revealed she was assaulted in her own home when someone broke in.

Describing the “scary” moment she opened her door thinking it was a pizza delivery, she explained a stranger tried to “choke” her.

“I love and appreciate you guys so much, and you can come to me with anything but knocking on my front door is too far,” she told fans in May.


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