Sufjan Stevens Dedicates New Album to His Late ‘Beloved Partner’: ‘He Was One of Those Rare and Beautiful Ones’

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Sufjan Stevens‘ new record “Javelin” (out today via Asthmatic Kitty) has been widely described as a breakup record for its themes of heartbreak and suffering. On Friday morning, the subject matter became much clearer when Stevens penned and uploaded a dedication of the album to his late “beloved” partner Evan Richardson, who passed away in April.

“This album is dedicated to the light of my life, my beloved partner and best friend Evans Richardson,” Stevens wrote alongside a picture of Richardson flashing a smile. “He was an absolute gem of a person, full of life, love, laughter, curiosity, integrity, and joy. He was one of those rare and beautiful ones you find only once in a lifetime—precious, impeccable, and absolutely exceptional in every way.”

Stevens has kept his private life offline for the majority of his long career, never quite addressing topics of his personal life or sexuality. He really only does so to let the public in on his artistic decisions, as he does with this dedication.

“I know relationships can be very difficult sometimes, but it’s always worth it to put in the hard work and care for the ones you love, especially the beautiful ones, who are few and far between,” he continues in the post. “If you happen to find that kind of love, hold it close, hold it tight, savor it, tend to it, and give it everything you’ve got, especially in times of trouble.”

Earlier this year, Stevens also shared his Guillain-Barré diagnosis, a neurological disorder where the body’s immune system attacks a portion of the peripheral nervous system. In a lengthy post on Tumblr, his social media platform of choice, Stevens explained that he’s been out of the promotional cycle for “Javelin” because he’s been in the hospital undergoing “intense” physical therapy to regain control over his body.

On Oct. 5, Stevens shared he was leaving hospital treatment and would “continue the work at home and in outpatient therapy,” in another Tumblr post. “Thanks for following my hospital blog. And thanks for all your prayers and well wishes. Pray for the peace of the world. Be well. Be safe. Be yourself.”

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