Syankirah Tiktoker Original Leaked Full Video

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The latest viral video that lasts only 9 seconds is watched millions of times.

The article is a viral video uploaded by the Syakira ***** @sya**** account until Thursday (04/27/2023) the night has been watched 1 million times.

In a video that is running viral on TikTok, a beautiful woman is suspected Syakirah it immediately sticks out the tongue.

The woman seemed to be sitting on the sofa wearing a black hijab and white nightgown.

The long-sleeved shirt she was wearing was illustrated by the character of Hello Kitty.

At the beginning of the video, the woman immediately stretched out and shook her tongue to the right side of her lips.

Then he shook his head slightly to the left and then his right hand fingers.

His mouth was seen smoking following the backsound of the song TikTok who accompanied the video.

At the end of the video, Syakirah even seen dipping his right fingers and then close to his lips.

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Next he opened his finger which was clenched by the movement of the head and smiled at the knot.

Although only doing simple and concise movements, the video of the woman is allegedly named Syakirah it’s viral.

Besides being watched millions of times, apparently the TikTok viral video has been favored 13.8 thousand times and 1,212 commented on.

“sya.191,” write a video description Syakirah viral by including viral hashtags and Syakirah the.

The viral video was also busy commented on by the warganet since it was uploaded 2 days ago.

Some of them allude to the existence of the Syakirah viral video, despite not mentioning the intent of the video.

“mantap just now watch,” write the account @mu*****.

“dh watch on yt*****,” account comment @ihlam*****.

“There are 14 videos, ” write @akun*****.

“Many of the amat parts are feet, ” comments @Li*****.

“ Why does it have to be a patient viral, ” write @Sap****.

“Yg patient yaa bebb Jagan’s spirit is stingy, ” write the account @Ikoyul*****.

Social Media Account

A number of warganets have questioned the original social media (medsos) account Syakirah.

“ This original account is not the case ?, ” ask @oo*****.

“ Which real is it?,” write @HD*****.

“ This original account is not the case ?, ” ask @Noer*****.

TikTok Syakira account***** @sya**** already has 92.9 thousand followers and 716.7 thousand likes.

However, the account has only uploaded as many as 20 viral videos that all display suspected female content Syakirah.

Each viral video is watched at least hundreds of thousands of times up to millions of times.



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