Teen Mom’s Kailyn Lowry Shares First Photo of Her Twins

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The Teen Mom 2 star shared the first look at her baby boy and baby girl—her sixth and seventh children—after the pair spent weeks in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) due to their premature birth. As seen in an image shared on Instagram Jan. 26, Kailyn carried one newborn in each of her arms as she sat in a hospital room.

Looking back at the experience, Kailyn—said she “probably cried more” with seeing her and boyfriend Elijah Scott‘s twins in the NICU than when she underwent her c-section.

“We learned so much about the families that are there,” Kailyn shared on the Jan. 26 episode of her Barely Famous podcast, “and some of them are there for months and months.”

At the time, the 31-year-old was especially concerned for her daughter—who she nicknamed “Baby B”—because the infant “would just sleep through feedings.”

“I had never seen a baby in my life not wake up to eat or show signs of hunger,” Kailyn explained. “She never had any feeding cues and when I tried to feed her, she wouldn’t take a bottle.”

The podcaster said it was “really difficult” to see the difference between her baby girl and her baby boy, who Kailyn is calling “Baby A” for now until she’s ready to publicly reveal the twins’ names.

“I’m seeing he’s in the NICU for some of the same reasons, but also he’s taking a bottle,” she recalled, “and he’s having no issue with that.”


Kailyn LowryInstagram/Kailyn Lowry

Eventually, Baby A was released from the hospital. However, with his twin sister still in the NICU, Kailyn said it became more challenging to visit Baby B while also spending time with her other kids—including sons Isaac, 14, with ex Jo RiveraLincoln, 10, with ex Javi MarroquinLux, 6, and Creed, 3, with ex Chris Lopez; and baby Rio, with Elijah.

“It was an hour drive there and back and when I was there, I was there for hours,” she recalled, adding that what made the situation more overwhelming was that Elijah “couldn’t be there with me in the NICU when I went.”

As Kailyn put it, “She was away from her twin; we were away from her. When we were home, we still couldn’t process it because there was so much going on here.”


Kailyn LowryJamie McCarthy/Getty Images

And while Baby B has since been discharged from the NICU as well, Kailyn admitted she still has worries about the long term effects the experience had on the twins.

“I’m still very much concerned about so many things,” she confessed. “I get worried that the NICU stay, what if it ruined their bond or put a strain on it. I’m trying to re-magnetize them to get them back to where they were.”

For a complete look at Kailyn’s family, keep reading.

Growing Family

In Jan. 2010, Teen Mom star Kailyn Lowry gave birth to her first child, Isaac, with her then boyfriend Jo Rivera. Two years later, after Kailyn and Jo called it quits, she tied the knot with Javi Marroquin and the couple welcomed son Lincoln the following year. By July 2017, Kailyn and Javi had finalized their divorce and she was getting ready to welcome a third son, Lux, with Chris Lopez.

Fun on the Farm

After’s Lux’s arrival in Aug. 2017, Kailyn and her trio enjoyed some fall festivities.


The kids went all out for Halloween 2017.

Soccer Stars

“This is what our Saturdays look like,” she captioned the 2017 pic.

Vacation Time

They took some time to kick back and relax during a trip to Jamaica in 2018.

A Super Family

Isaac, Lincoln and even Lux channeled their inner superheroes for Halloween 2018.

Lots of Smiles

“Art show with my babies!!” Kailyn captioned the 2018 photo.

Kisses for Mom

Isaac gave his mom a sweet smooch on the cheek in this 2018 snap.

First Day of School

“First day back for all the kids,” Kailyn wrote alongside a family photo in 2019. “4th, kindergarten & preschool!”

Major Milestones

“We made it through the chaos of @theluxrussell’s first art show & @thelincmarshall’s last!” she shared in 2019. “So many cute projects & a sign that we’ve hit yet another milestone. Next stop for Lincoln, KINDERGARTEN! One day, all the kids will focus & smile for a photo.”

Family Love

In July 2020, Kailyn gave birth to baby Creed, her second son with Chris. Three years later, in July 2023, the reality star confirmed she’d privately welcomed a fifth child, a son named Rio, with boyfriend Elijah Scott. By early January, Kailyn announced that she gave birth to her and Elijah’s twins, a boy and a girl.

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