4Batz Is Pushing Back His Mixtape ‘U Made Me A St4r’ To Finish Making ‘The Best Sh*t’ Of His Life

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Over the past few months, 4Batz has shown to be one of hip-hop’s promising new stars. With a promising hit on his hands, as well as a coveted Drake co-sign, the Dallas rapper and singer is carving a path to stardom. All of this considered, his debut mixtape U Made Me A St4r, which was expected to drop tomorrow (April 5), seems to be a promising project. However, 4Batz announced today that he will unfortunately be pushing the mixtape back a month.

Though this may be bad news for those who have been following the artist’s journey, 4Batz offers good reasoning for the delay.

“Been making some of the best shit of my life the last couple weeks,” said 4Batz in the caption of an Instagram post, “so ima push the mixtape to 5.3.24 so it can be perfect for yall.”

Though this may sound like a bit of a setback, 4Batz trusts that everything happens for a reason. In a recent interview for Uproxx, 4Batz told us that no matter what, he still envisions becoming the biggest artist in the world.

“I would like to be remembered as, the biggest artist in the world and one of the most humble people in the world who gave back and inspired people, and who you know was talented,” he said.


You can see the clip above.

U Made Me A St4r is out 5/3 via OVO Sound. Find more information here.

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