Ice Spice’s Sex Tape ‘Leaks’ On Social Media

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American Rapper Ice Spice is at the centre of a suspected leaked Sex tape as X platform (formerly known as Twitter), became abuzz on Monday with speculation that the leaked sex tape was readily available online.

However, instead of the XXX clip, there were dozens of X pages promising to release the video in exchange for interaction with their post.

It was unclear if there is actually a video floating around or if this might be just another internet prank, similar to the one pulled on Rubi Rose last month.

This is not the first time Ice Spice has dealt with speculation that she has a sex tape. In October of 2022, rumours of the “In Ha Mood” rapper being part of a leaked sex tape surfaced online.

Those talks turned out to be false at the time, and Ice Spice addressed it, saying: “[You] guys want them fakes a*s leaks to be me so bad just so [you] can go beat your lil dirty meat to it.”


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