Kroy Biermann Firmly Rejects Reconciliation with Kim Zolciak Despite Ongoing Intimacy

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Former NFL player Kroy Biermann has responded to Kim Zolciak’s recent motion to dismiss their ongoing divorce proceedings with a resolute declaration that he has no inclination whatsoever to reconcile with his estranged wife.

Following Zolciak’s submission of a new motion aimed at dismissing her husband’s second divorce petition, Biermann is counteracting by urging the courts to dismiss her claims.

In her motion filed on Monday, Zolciak argues that she and Biermann have continued to engage in intimate relations despite their ongoing separation. She points to this as evidence that their marriage may not be irretrievably broken, citing precedents from Georgia court cases in 1978 and 1980. These cases suggest that cohabitation or reconciliation indicates the possibility of a viable marriage, thereby challenging the claim of irreparable damage to the union.

However, Biermann remains steadfast in his original assertion that their relationship is beyond repair. In documents recently obtained by ET, the 38-year-old contends that Zolciak’s motion is merely a delay tactic, referencing her previous statement about working on their marriage.

Although Biermann acknowledges their continued intimacy, he emphasizes that this does not signify a desire to reconcile. He is resolute in his commitment to divorce Zolciak and create a calm and stable home for their children, distinct from their current tumultuous environment.

This ongoing saga between Zolciak and Biermann has been marked by turmoil since they initially filed for divorce in May, following 11 years of marriage. The divorce proceedings have entailed a contentious custody battle and disputes over child and spousal support.

Biermann has alleged that Zolciak has a significant gambling problem and even claimed she physically assaulted him the day before they filed for divorce. He has also requested court-appointed guardians for their children.

Their initial divorce filings were abruptly withdrawn in early July, surprising many. A source at the time indicated that they were working on their marriage but faced challenges due to the negative claims made during their public split.

Zolciak and Biermann share four children, while Zolciak is also the mother of two other children from a previous relationship.

Despite their dismissal of the divorce filings in August, their troubles persisted. Biermann recently filed documents alleging that their financial situation is dire due to Zolciak’s reckless spending habits and gambling. They face unpaid taxes, a BMW lawsuit, and other financial woes.

Biermann seeks court permission to sell their $3 million mansion, which is their primary asset. He argues that this move is essential to resolve their financial issues and improve the well-being of their children, who are adversely affected by the toxic environment in the marital home.

In light of their financial difficulties, Biermann is pushing for a swift resolution, while Zolciak appears determined to delay proceedings. The tension between them continues to escalate, with no end in sight to their tumultuous divorce proceedings.

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