Why Jana Kramer Opted Against Eloping with Fiancé Allan Russell (Exclusive)

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Jana Kramer finds herself in an exciting new phase of life, filled with positive developments. The expectant mother opened up about her wedding plans with fiancé Allan Russell in an interview with ET’s Cassie DiLaura at the iHeartRadio Music Festival hosted by Ryan Seacrest.

Kramer, who got engaged to Russell in May and is expecting their child, candidly discussed the wedding planning process amid a whirlwind of events. “It’s kind of stressful,” she admitted. “We have the baby in eight weeks, we just moved into a new house; there’s just a lot going on. New book, new chapter.”

The “I Got The Boy” singer has indeed been writing a new chapter in her life this year, announcing their engagement followed by the joyous news of their impending addition to the family.

While Kramer initially considered an intimate elopement, her deep love for Russell led her to reconsider. “It’s a lot because at first I was just like, ‘Let’s elope.’ We both had weddings. But for me, I want to marry this man so badly. He’s the one I really want to marry. I want that moment.”

Kramer also took her children, Jolie (7) and Jace (4), into account when contemplating their wedding day. “And for my kids, they really want the wedding,” she shared. “So we’re trying to figure it out.”

She continued, “We’re thinking next year in Scotland, and the baby might wear a kilt, or maybe not. Jace wants to wear a kilt, too. And Jolie wants her entire princess dress.”

For Kramer and Russell, the key is sitting down and dedicating time to planning amidst their busy schedules. “We just need to be like ‘What are we doing?'” she acknowledged.

Kramer already has a vision for her wedding dress, mentioning that she has a picture of it.

The author of “The Next Chapter,” who went through a highly publicized divorce in 2021 with Mike Caussin, expressed amazement at her current path in love and life. “It’s a story I never could have written myself,” she shared with ET. “I thought I was done, but the happy ending is literally right around the corner. You don’t believe in those moments, but once you love yourself and know that you actually deserve it, that’s the thing. For the first time, I know I actually deserve it, and that’s what has made all the difference.”

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