Selma Blair and Isaac Mizrahi Unveil Inclusive Fashion Collection: ‘A Truly Fulfilling Achievement’ (Exclusive)

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Selma Blair, known for her acting, advocacy, writing, and role as a creative director in the beauty industry, is now venturing into the world of fashion design.

Teaming up with her longtime friend, designer Isaac Mizrahi, Selma Blair is set to unveil an inclusive clothing collection in partnership with QVC on October 6. Titled “Isaac Mizrahi Live! x Selma Blair,” this collection has been a long-held aspiration for Blair, particularly since her diagnosis with multiple sclerosis in 2018, a condition that has posed various mobility challenges.

Blair, now 51, shares, “It all came together so perfectly. I ran into him [Mizrahi] at a restaurant in New York City after I got my diagnosis and remember saying to him, ‘I hope one day maybe we can collaborate on something that can be accessible for the disabled and non-disabled,’ and he said, ‘That would be great. We’ll have to find that.’ And then here we are.”

Blair and Mizrahi have a history of collaboration, dating back to the early 2000s when Mizrahi designed outfits for her. Their shared journey has now led them to create a collection inspired by her perseverance in the face of MS, aiming to make fashion more adaptive and accessible.

Mizrahi, aged 61, expressed his eagerness to contribute to this project, stating, “I’m so fortunate to have the opportunity to help in any possible way, especially if you are like me and you are interested in democratizing things and making things accessible.”

The collection, developed in collaboration with the disability community, incorporates features like easy-open necklines, magnetic closures, stretch fabrics, and flat seams, following universal design principles. Comprising 15 styles, including shirts, sweaters, jackets, pants, and accessories, the line ranges in price from $49 to $129.

Blair’s current favorites are the silky blouses and jackets, which she personally wears. She describes them as reminiscent of YSL from the 1970s and appreciates the magnetic button plackets, which she finds both stylish and functional for both disabled and non-disabled individuals. Additionally, she relishes the convenience of having washable clothes.

Both Blair and Mizrahi share a commitment to making fashion not only accessible but also chic. Mizrahi emphasizes the importance of creating stylish pieces and highlights Blair’s personal touch in selecting and wearing the collection.

The design process involved learning how to make clothing items more comfortable for individuals using wheelchairs or those with limited limb mobility. Blair acknowledges that there isn’t a definitive handbook for this, but conversations with people with disabilities provided valuable insights.

QVC’s Rachal Ungaro expressed the channel’s pride in being part of this inclusive clothing launch, emphasizing its commitment to accessibility and inclusivity in fashion.

For Blair, this entire journey has been a “real dream come true.” She envisions future collaborations with Mizrahi, possibly expanding the collection to include menswear or unisex items to cater to various clothing needs.

The “Isaac Mizrahi Live! x Selma Blair” collection will debut on QVC on October 6 at 1 PM ET, making accessible and stylish fashion available to a wider audience.

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